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TECHINCAL FOUL When a player or coach displays unsportsmanlike behavior, such as foul language, obscene gestures or arguing. Two technical fouls will result in ejection from the game. FLAGRANT FOUL When a player performs an act of violence that can seriously injure or harm others on the court. This can be unintentional or deliberate.

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A technical foul called for (1) delay of game, (2) coaches box violations, (3) defensive 3-seconds, (4) having a team total of less or more than five players when the ball becomes alive, (5) a...

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This is a serious contact foul where a player tries to unnecessarily and intentionally make contact during the game. Usually the penalty for flagrant foul is that the other team gets 2 free throws and the possession of the basketball out-of-bounds. And the player who committed the flagrant foul is automatically disqualified from the game.

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A personal or technical foul, which is violent in nature. Examples: fighting, striking, kicking, or kneeing an opponent. Consequences: Fouled player shoots two free throws, his team gets possession of the basketball out of bounds, and the player committing the foul is kicked out of the game. Hand check.

Nets' Harden Addresses Rule Change for Drawing Fouls

The NBA made a significant rule change during the offseason that disallowed players from leaning into defenders and relying on non-basketball moves to draw foul calls. Some players have been ...

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What Is a Flagrant Foul in Basketball? When it comes to fouls, none are more aggressive than flagrant fouls. They aren’t called as often as other fouls, but they certainly cause emotion when they’re called. Flagrant fouls are deemed excessive, unnecessary, or intentional. It’s always a tough call to make for the referee and normally requires a second look via a video replay to confirm the intent behind the illegal contact.

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When a player commits a personal foul, the referee will give a specific signal to indicate the type of foul and which player has committed the foul. Player Control Foul (Charge) – One hand on the back of the head and the other pointing in the opposite direction of the play indicates a charge call has been made.

James Harden Struggles Under New NBA Foul Rules

“I ask every official if they see a foul, just call a foul. Sometimes I feel like coming into a game, it’s already predetermined or I already have the stigma of getting fouls calls. I just ask for officials to call what they see… I can’t stop playing basketball. A foul is a foul no matter what league it is,” said Harden.