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In basketball according to Dr. Steven Halls, “Male basketball players tend to be 9 inches taller than the average male” this just shows how size in this sport really is a trend. There are many obvious reasons why being tall in a sport like basketball helps, for example the rim is set at 10 feet tall and the closer you are to it the easier it is to get the ball in the basket.

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Basketball players tend to be tall, thin athletes because their height helps them to reach toward the basketball goal and defend the ball against opponents. Male professional basketball players tend to be about 9 inches taller than the average American male, according to NBA.com and Dr. Steven Halls on Halls.MD.com.

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The taller player has a lot of things going for them, an advantage in height will come with a longer reach which means less energy is needed to get to the ball, and its easier to reach compared to the 6-foot player the taller player usually has a longer reach. The player with the shorter reach hitting the same shot use more energy.

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Average Height in the NBA. Advantages of Being Tall In Basketball. It helps you block shots and protect the rim on defense. It is easier to finish at the rim. Taller players have longer strides. Taller players get more rebounds. Tallest Players Ever in the NBA. Final Thoughts.

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basketball is not about height and muscularity but athleticism and skills , its a beautiful game which the clear answer to this is no, being tall is not necessary but being tall and well built gives you an edge in the game … whereas if you are small you can be a good point guard , you may be more quick … the best thing i have seen in basketball is small players beating the tall and bulky players through their hard work ,determination and faith that they can

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1) Height . This one is the easiest to explain. The hoop in basketball is 10 feet above the playing surface. The taller a person is, the logic goes, the closer they are to the basket, thus the easier it would be for him/her to score a basket. Since scoring baskets is the object of the game, this is a huge advantage for (s)he who holds it.

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Putting the basket out six inches farther to stop tap-ins would lessen the big man's advantage. NED IRISH. Executive vice-president, Madison Square Garden Corp. No. Basketball is the only sport...

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In the 2019-2020 NBA season, the average basketball player was 6’6″ tall (198.8cm) which is almost about 8 inches taller than the average American male (5’9 1/2″)! Interestingly, the average height of NBA players of previous seasons has been corrected downwards compared to my last study done in 2018.